100 Kata Challenge

On Saturday October 24, 2020, we took part in a 100 Kata Challenge. At our full-time dojo we gathered to perform 100 kata of our choice. Some people did a few kata many times, some did ten kata ten times, or even more kata fewer times. I took some timelapse of the event. Our blackContinue reading “100 Kata Challenge”

10 point kata practice

While we were doing karate via Zoom, we spent several weeks practicing a kata of our choice with these 10 foci. It was so helpful! I really enjoy this type of practice. The way we practiced these was to perform our kata ten times, each time adding one of these principles to focus on. IntentionContinue reading “10 point kata practice”

Mnemonics: part 1

Pat the dog, tickle the dog, good boy. This one is Sensei James’ device for the flowing hands in Bassai-dai. I’ve used it several times to teach lower grades this move and it has been quite effective! Oh, you’re sooo annoying! This one is mine for remembering the Japanese terms for footwork: oi ashi, yoriContinue reading “Mnemonics: part 1”


A grading is made meaningful by what you’ve had to overcome to get it Iain Abernethy I’ve paraphrased it a little because he was talking about dan black belt gradings in 2020. I think this sentiment applies to anyone grading in 2020, who has kept training through lockdowns and distance rules, and all the otherContinue reading “Grading”

No challenge too great

“One whose spirit and mental strength have been strengthened by sparring with a never-say-die attitude…”

Anger is a luxury

For many of us anger is easily triggered and difficult to let go, but it’s a luxury that we might not be able to afford.