GKR Kata Syllabus

The grade column below is the grade that you would be attempting to reach when you are assessed on these kata.

I haven’t learned all these kata yet, so my understanding of the principles gets lesser towards the end of the list.

Kata nameMeaningPrinciplesGrade
Taigyoku ShodanFirst cause 1st levelExplosive movement, moving to attack, turning to control or throw7th kyu
Taigyoku NidanFirst cause 2nd levelBalance, power through hips7th kyu
SaifaSmash and tear Defend from side-on, tear free from a grip6th & 5th kyu
Bassai-daiDestroy/breach the fortressGrounded, defensive stances, deflect energy of attacks4th & 3rd kyu
SeiunchinThe calm in the storm, or
To grab and pull in battle
Circular techniques, controlling attacker, multiple attacks w/ same hand2nd kyu
EmpiFlying swallowExplosiveness, agility, evasion, attacking blocks1st kyu
Sanseru36 handsRelax-tense, defend from side-onShodan-ho
Sepai18 handsCircular techniques, flowShodan-ho & Shodan
HangetsuHalf/crescent moonShodan
Kanku-daiView the sky (major)Explosiveness, agility, pulling+lifting, kicks open opponent’s guardNidan
KururunfaAlways still, suddenly striking, or
Hold patiently, suddenly destroy
Evasion, snappy counters, flowNidan
ShisochinBattle in Four Directionskaishu waza (open-hand techniques), moving to opponent’s side, grabbing/controllingSandan
Kanku-shoView the sky (small)Sandan
Seisan13, or
10 hand and 3
Close combat, move forward, hazushi waza (releasing techniques)Yondan
SochinStrong calmDeep stance (fudo dachi), move forward Yondan