Anger is a luxury

A man is like steel. Once he loses his temper, he is worthless

Unknown (Japanese proverb)

Have a read of this article The Luxury of Anger. It makes some great points. Below are a couple of my favourites.

Anger is a luxury because it allows us to focus our attention on only one thing: ourselves. Remember back to the last time you stubbed your toe or lost your keys or wanted to stomp that gas pedal right through the floorboards when the car wouldn’t start? At such moments nothing else in the world was on your mind but your immediate problem. Anger, in that sense, is very much like your mind taking a little vacation.

Dave Lowry, The Luxury of Anger

Anger wastes energy indiscriminately, usually at a time when we need to preserve energy and use it to maximum benefit. It focuses concentration very narrowly in moments when we need to be more cognizant of what is going on around us. It robs us of self-control precisely when we most need to be in control of ourselves.

Dave Lowry, The Luxury of Anger

Published by Kristen S.

Kristen (kristarella) is a Happiness Engineer for Automattic (, karate-ka 🥋, musician 🎸, artist 👩🏻‍🎨, craftist 🧶, and lego enthusiast 🧱

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