5 Principles of Self Defence

1. Awareness

Awareness of your surroundings as well as a confident posture will often make you a less desirable target, avoiding the need for further self-defence. Still, in a defensive situation you need to remain aware of your own body and mind, the surrounding people, and your environment.

2. Push-pull

We don’t practice hikite (pulling hand) or use both hands because it generates power, or because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but to deflect, pull, and control; when one hand strikes the other pulls, or is ready for the next strike/defence. Control your opponent and gain control of the situation.

You can also use your pulling hand to strike behind you.

3. Lowest belt wins

Keep your centre of gravity low for stability and balance; keep your springs loaded for fast movement.

4. Kime

Put decision and commitment in every action you take to defend yourself. Use zentai ryoku (full body power) with spirit and focus.

5. Goju


Strike hard. Put your hard weapons (fist, elbow, knee, heel, etc) into soft targets. Use your awareness to choose suitable targets and strike efficiently for maximum effect.

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